About Us

Award winning pharmacies located in many communities.

Business partners Jonathan Burton and Noel Wicks assumed control of the Campus Pharmacy at the University of Stirling in 2000, and that is when it all began. Since then, the organization has expanded to include 10 pharmacies and more than 120 team members. Along the road, we’ve also received over a dozen awards, and there will be many more.

Today, Oxynorm MedShoppe is regarded as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking pharmacies in the world.We are pleased that in the communities they serve, our pharmacies serve as the initial point of contact for medical advice. Our knowledgeable pharmacy experts are available at all times to offer assistance with medications, guidance, or treatments for minor maladies. Therefore, we are always here to help, whether you need advise on travel vaccinations or the best method to take your medications.

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